Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Carlingford Trip :)

This was a trip I was most definitely looking forward to. We were told that this was most Ty’s from last year’s highlight of the year. We left school at 9 on Thursday the 17th of September. When we arrived we got split into two activity groups. My group went straight to the water activities. In this activity we got to canoe, pier jump and get a shot on the water trampoline. It was very fun. We went back and had lunch which was chicken and chips. We then went to laser tag. We dressed up in army suits and got our guns. When we got up to the area there was another school there so we were split into two teams, a red team and a blue team. This activity was the highlight of my trip. We went back to the centre got our rooms and had some rest time. After we went on a night activity in the woods. We all sang every sing we could think of and it was so much fun. We were woken up by music playing through the intercom the next morning. We got up had breakfast and made our way to our final activity which was land activities. When we got there, there was a zip line. We weren’t supposed to be going on it but we begged and plead and they gave in and let us. It was so much fun. Overall we had a great two days.

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